About Resort Life Carts

Paul and Tracy Spraetz jumped into the cart scene in 2022! After moving into a neighborhood where carting is a way of life, they were both hooked right away! Taking the kids to the bus stop every day became fun for the whole family. Sunset rides… a highlight of the day. Meeting neighbors while out… an added bonus! This new way of life had these two addicted.

Paul has always loved anything with four wheels. Customizing vehicles has been part of his life since he learned to drive! He has been in the automotive industry in many facets, from salesperson to owner, throughout his business career. When he discovered his love of carts, it was an easy transition from vehicles.

As RLC started to grow, the team started falling into place. Other people with a passion for people… and wheels are now part of the crew! Helping others find their neighborhood cart is something this group loves! Want to make it your own? No problem. Want to add music? Need cool wheels? Gotta have lights for the parade or cruising through the ‘hood at night? Resort Life Carts is here for you!

Stop by any time and make your neighborhood cart dreams a reality!

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